About waxing

Each strand of hair on the body is at its own stage of development.  All three stages occur simultaneously in the same area of your body.  There may be some hair under the skin growing that hasn’t reached the surface or it’s above the skin but not long enough to be removed (hair should be  about the length of a grain of rice).  

DO let your wax technician know if you are taking any medication that can affect your waxing results, such as blood thinners, Retin-A or Acutane (or similar products)
If you are using topical acne or skin lighting products.

DO remember that just prior to menstruation or during menstruation, you are the most sensitive so you may want to avoid waxing then. Schedule an initial waxing appointment several days after menstruation, when you are less sensitive to discomfort.

DO  Return every three to four weeks in order to keep all of your hair in the same growth cycle, and minimize regrowth in some areas faster than others.

DO  Allow 7-10 days of hair growth.  For best results on body waxing appointments, your hair should be about as long as a grain of rice.


DO take Ibuprofen or Advil 30-45 minutes prior to your waxing service (recommended for body waxing such as Brazilians/ not facial waxing)

DO wear breathable clothing such as cotton and loose fitting clothes.

DO exfoliate at least 3 times a week.

DO NOT take extremely hot showers or sauna after waxing.

DO NOT drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks a few hours before your waxing service, doing this will only make the skin more sensitive.

DO NOT apply ice to the area before waxing, this will only tighten your pores and make the process more painful

DO NOT shave in between waxing sessions. Doing this will only make your next waxing service more painful. The hair will also be thicker; furthermore, you will not get that clean feel after wax.

DO NOT exfoliate the skin for 3-5 days after waxing

DO NOT exfoliate your skin every day. This dries up natural oils from your skin’s surface, making it difficult for the hairs to break through the skin.

DO NOT have intercourse for a period of 24 hours after a bikini or brazilian wax
. This period of time is when your body is most susceptible to outside bacteria, which can potentially increase the changes of an infection.

DO NOT sunbathe or tan 24 hours before and after waxing service

NEVER wax a new area for the first time right before a big event. You can't always anticipate your skin's reaction and you wouldn't want to spoil an important day.

Try to relax! Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Because when you tense up, believe it or not, your follicles constrict as well, causing some resistance. Remember that just prior to menstruation or during menstruation, you are the most sensitive so you may want to avoid waxing then.

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