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Welcome to our Online Booking site.  Please keep in mind that we are unable to book Couple's treatments thru this system at this time.  If you're trying to book any treatment for two or more people at the same time, please give us a call at 785-843-0044.

Effective February 11th, 2019 - all new color clients must come in for a consultation prior to any appointments being made.  This is done in order to ensure we book enough time to exceed your expectations.  Please book a consultation instead of a color appointment if you’ve never had your hair colored at our salon.  We reserve the right to reschedule your first color appointment if a consultation has not taken place prior to an appointment being made via our online booking system.

Our online booking system provides you with up to six available times during the day based on your preferences.  It defaults to ‘Anytime’ so it looks for up to six available times during the entire day for the service you requested with any provider that’s available that day.  

Please keep in mind that If you don’t see a time that is convenient for you, please use the drop down box next to the calendar and choose either ‘Before Noon’, ‘Noon-6pm’ or ‘After 6pm’ to get up six available times during those time frames.  The available appointments provided will be different because the system is now looking at a much smaller time frame.

Also, you are able to search for available appointments for an specific provider by choosing their name on the drop down box after the specific service. 

The "Special Instructions” box available (shown below)  is intended to rely additional instructions to your service provider.  Please do not request additional appointments or services on this box, as we may be unable to provide you with such service because of time constraints and service provider availability.

Please note that you may be able to book online for multiple people IF we have linked your clients cards appropriately.  If you haven't received an email with instructions on how to book for several individuals using a single email address, please send us a quick email requesting we link the accounts for you so you can take advantage of this feature.

Please proceed to our Online Booking site.

Our Online booking system only accepts the following methods of payment. 

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