Massage Therapy

Massage therapy treatments by Salon Di Marco & Day Spa provide your body with the benefits and healing properties of human touch. Massage contributes to total body wellness by increasing circulation, lowering blood pressure, relieving muscle tension and reducing stress levels.

Our massage therapists belong to professional massage organizations and represent many different massage modalities. Our massage therapists perform massage with pressure adjusted to your individual needs. All of our massage therapy treatments include a pre-massage questionnaire to determine the appropriate treatment for your session.

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Organic Butter Upgrade ~ $5      

Steam Treatment Upgrade ~ $40/20 mins 

How about a fantastic 60 or 90 minute massage followed by a 20 minute steam treatment on a private steam canopy? The combination of massage and steam is simply unbeatable. Muscle soreness and tension just melt away. Many people are reporting significant improvements after their first treatment with everyday ailments such as joint pain and inflammation, puffiness and swelling, congestion, rough skin, headaches and difficulty sleeping.  Learn more about Steam Therapy.

60 Minute Massage  ~  $75 
Covers the entire body, head-to-toe.

90 Minute Massage  ~  $100 
Spends an additional half-hour on problem areas.

Massage Therapy for Two  ~  $150/60 minutes   |  $200/90 minutes
Our Massage Therapy for Two enables two people to experience the benefits and intimacy of a near-synchronized massage performed by two different massage therapists in the same room. This treatment is ideal for couples, friends or family.

Mind Body Treatment   ~  $90/75 minutes  | $120/105 minutes

This new treatment combines a either a 60 minute massage or a 90 minute massage with 15 minutes of Reiki in order to provide  you with a mind and body experience.  Treat yourself to this experience.  We believe this new service will become one of our most requested services within a couple of months. Learn more about our Mind Body Treatment.

Deep Tissue Massage  ~  $85/60 minutes  | $110/90 minutes
Powerful relief from tension using firm pressure to treat specific problems and ease chronic and acute areas of discomfort.

CBD Calming Massage   ~  $85/60 minutes  |  $110/90 minutes 

Choose this meditative and relaxing service when you wish to ease tension and calm both the body and senses during times of stress.

Note: All of our existing massages can be converted into a CBD Calming massage.

CBD Relieving Massage  ~  $90/60 minutes  |  $115/90 minutes 

The combination effects of doubled the strength of CBD plus several anti-inflammatory plant extracts makes the CBD Relieving Massage a must for customers with sore muscles and/or chronic pains.

Note: All of our existing massages can be converted into a CBD Relieving massage.

Himalayan Hot Stone Massage  ~  $95/70 minutes  |  $120/90 minutes         Himalayan Salt Stone Massage nourishes the body and relaxes the mind. Warm, hand-carved salt massage stones from the Himalayan Mountains massage the body in specific combinations to relax body, mind and spirit. This results in very deep relaxation, improved sleep, reduced inflammation and a sense of emotional peace. You can reserve a double room for this exclusive treatment to enjoy with a loved one.

Prenatal Massage  ~  $80/60 minutes    
Our Prenatal Massage provides a healthy way to relieve the physical stress of pregnancy. Healing, caring touch is comforting. Your feelings of stress are conveyed to your baby, so your calmer state of mind can only beneficially affect your baby. Massage increases circulation, which brings more oxygen and nutrients to your cells. This means greater vitality, less fatigue and better nourishment for your baby.  Note: Prenatal Massage can not be performed during the first trimester of the pregnancy.

Chair Massage  ~  $30/20 minutes
Our Chair Massage is a seated massage that provides the benefits of massage therapy in a express treatment that uses no massage oil. This treatment is performed on our padded massage chair focusing on your head, neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. Our Chair Massage can be modified to meet your massage therapy needs, leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to return to work. A perfect gift for employees.

Reflexology  ~  $35/30 minutes   | $65/60 minutes
Reflexology points on your feet relate to different parts of your body. Our Reflexology treatments include a combination of acupressure techniques to restore your balance, assist in relaxation and help prevent ill health. Reflexology treats your mind, body and spirit. Our relaxing reflexology treatments increase circulation and encourage the elimination of toxins and waste products.

CBD Warming Reflexology  ~  $42/30 minutes   | $72/60 minutes
All of the benefits of our Reflexology service are now enhanced with our CBD warming/circulating creme.  

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